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Training meets show, classic meets trendy – we just can’t get enough of beige breeches and their versatility! Beige breeches have been a popular choice for decades, both for everyday use in the stable but also in the show ring. And we totally get it! That’s why our range offers you different shades, models and grip types to choose from. As always, all options come with an innovative design, a perfect fit and comfortable materials.

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2021-07-15 ·

The nicest leggings/breeches I’ve ever had ♥️


2021-10-03 ·

Great material, soo comfortable! Best breeches I’ve ever purchased


2021-10-06 ·

Really happy with these breeches! They fit perfectly!


2021-09-13 ·

This is the best breeches I bought. It is very comfortable and silicone quality is great.

Beige breeches with full seat grip or half seat grip

Our beige breeches for women come in both full seat and half seat grip. Which option you choose is entirely up to you and your preferences. If you are unsure what to choose, you can read more about the different options in our article on Full Seat & Half Seat Breeches. In general, full seat breeches tend to be a popular option among dressage riders, as they provide a firmer grip in the saddle. That’s also why full seat breeches can be a good option for inexperienced riders who wish to have a more stable seat in the saddle. Half seat breeches give you a more flexible seat and more mobility, which is appreciated by many show jumpers.

Breeches designed for riders, by riders.

We know how tough it is to be a rider, which is why we design clothes that are perfectly adapted to the everyday challenges of the sport. Maya Delorez breeches are carefully designed to meet all the needs and preferences of modern riders. They are made in a functional material with four-way stretch that follows your every move and guarantees a good fit with high comfort. The design is inspired by modern tights with a high waist and stretchy, elastic legs. Several of our models also have phone pockets on the thighs that hold your phone without restricting your movement in the saddle – perfect!

Women, men and children – beige breeches for everyone!

As an inclusive brand, for us it goes without saying that all riders deserve outstanding riding gear. That’s why we have a wide range that offers high-quality products for all, regardless of age and gender. Our popular beige breeches are available for women, men and young riders. 

Beige breeches for everyday, training and shows

Why is it that beige breeches never seem to go out of style? We believe that a big factor is their versatility and how they fit virtually any occasion. Yes, a pair of bright, beige breeches can be used as a stylish everyday option in the stable. But you can also easily dress them up for fancier training occasions and even shows. We love it!