Double Gold

A star is born! Lottie Fry is the double gold medalist after claiming a medal in both Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix Freestyle. Read the interview.


Tue 9 Aug - 22

There was magic in the air during the World Dressage Championships in Herning 2022, as Lottie Fry and Glamourdale captured the audience's hearts as well as the judges' approval. After days of tough competition, they claimed two(!) individual gold medals; one in the Grand Prix Special and one in the Grand Prix Freestyle. 

Lottie and Glamourdale posted a sensational score of 90.65% in the freestyle, making the two of them a part of the coveted >90% club. To date, there are only a handful of the world’s elite riders that have managed to break the 90% barrier internationally. Wow, right!? Scroll down for a chat with the new world champion and her thoughts about the event.


Hi Lottie! Although some time has passed, have you had time to process the World Championships in Herning yet?

No, not really! I've watched the videos probably over 1000 times, haha! It still makes me emotional watching back. 

How does it feel to be the new world champion?

Very unreal! Still hasn't sunk in yet and I don't think it will for a long time.

What was the atmosphere like in the arena?

The atmosphere was incredible, like nothing I'd ever experienced. The crowd there was so enthusiastic and it was amazing to be able to ride in such a big sold-out stadium. 

“Glamourdale is really one in a million, he is amazing in every way.”


Have you had the time to celebrate your victories yet?

We have just had a gold party actually with our friends and supporters to celebrate.

Gold party sounds like the most perfect theme! How did Glamourdale get to celebrate?

Glammy celebrated with a lot of carrots and treats and he has been having a well-earned holiday.

Can you tell us a little bit about the amazing Glamourdale, what makes him special?

Glamourdale is really one in a million, he is amazing in every way. He loves to show off and loves to be in front of a crowd. In the stable, he is very sweet and chatty.

How do you and your team prepare for such a big competition?

We prepare for a big competition by keeping everything in the horse's normal routine as similar as possible. We video all our training sessions so I can watch them back and analyze them with my coach Anne. We make sure the horses get as much attention as possible to really make them feel good and ready.

As an elite athlete, do you have any specific obsessions or routines pre competitions?

The only thing I always do just before competing is to brush my teeth. 

Looking forward, when is your next big competition?

The next big competition is hopefully the World Cup qualifier in London.