Al sinds dag één hebben wij bij MD een duidelijke ambitie: we willen jou helpen om je doelen te bereiken. En voor die doelen zul je meestal hard moeten trainen, zowel in het zadel als in de sportschool. 4-way-stretch, sneldrogende en ademende stoffen: onze sportkleding voor ruiters is er voor je wanneer het er op aankomt! Investeer nu in jezelf om in de toekomst succes te boeken. 
Get inspired by our workout wear for equestrians

To be able to give that little bit extra in the saddle we believe it's important that you as an athlete challenge yourself. With the right training you can improve your endurance as well as your strength on horseback. That's why we've developed high-quality workout wear for equestrians that you can wear to the stables as well as to the gym. Our workout wear for equestrians comes in soft and supple, breathable fabrics, perfectly adapted to tough workouts and intense training sessions. High comfort, supple fabrics and maximum support. With our workout wear for equestrians we want to inspire you to workout and get better every day! We at MD believe that success is 100% about never giving up. Train, eat, ride, sleep, repeat.

Workout wear for equestrians with stylish design

We know you're a true doer to the core, always giving 100%  to achieve your goals. That's why we think you deserve workout wear for equestrians that takes you even further! Our workout wear for equestrians is not only highly functional, it's also incredibly stylish. The trendy details on our workout wear create a sporty look that can be worn for training as well as for everyday life. A wide waistband, classic MD logos, well-placed pockets and a figure-hugging fit -  practical details AND a breathtaking design in one? Of course! We at MD believe that functionality and design are a perfect match.

Designed for athletes living the equestrian lifestyle

Carrying water buckets, lifting hay bales and pushing wheelbarrows. Yep, sometimes working at the stable can be a really tough workout. Why not wear your workout wear to the stable then? With our workout wear for equestrians you can be sure to be comfortable in every moment. If you're living an active lifestyle where you're always on the go, our workout wear for equestrians is the perfect choice for you. We want it to be easy for you to move between the stable and your training sessions - and the other way around. Time flies when we are doing the things we love, so get the most out of your day with our workout wear for equestrians!

Workout wear for equestrians with a clear goal

Our founder and designer Madelene has had a clear vision from the very beginning: to design and create products that maximize your performance! Would you like to know more about our products or find out more about Madelene's thoughts on our workout wear for equestrians? Read more here.