How to Choose a Saddle Pad

Learn all about saddle pad functions, differences between jumping and dressage saddle pads and how to choose YOUR perfect saddle pad. Read now!


Wed 26 Jan - 22

Finding the perfect saddle pad can be quite tricky. Not only are there a variety of colors and materials to choose from, but they also come in different sizes and cuts depending on what discipline they’re used for. So, let us shed some light on how to find the perfect saddle pad, shall we?


What are saddle pads used for?

Basics first – Why do we even use saddle pads? Well, saddle pads can fulfill several functions. They can…

  • absorb dirt and sweat from the horse, thus protecting and keeping your saddle clean.

  • reduce friction and protect the horse from chafing caused by the saddle.

  • distribute pressure more evenly on the horse's back. 

  • improve the balance of the saddle.


What saddle pad should I use?

When choosing a saddle pad it’s important to keep in mind that the saddle pad should fit both to your horse’s back and to the size and design of the saddle. A jumping saddle pad, for instance, might not provide enough cover for a big dressage saddle with long saddle flaps, so in that case we’d recommend choosing a larger dressage pad. Therefore, what saddle pad you ultimately choose depends entirely on you, your horse and the discipline you ride. 


What are the differences between a jumping and a dressage saddle pad?

The main difference between a jumping and a dressage saddle pad is their size and cut. Dressage saddle pads are long and straight while jumping saddle pads are short and have curved corners. This is because each pad is made to fit the shape of the saddle from its discipline: Since dressage saddles have longer saddle flaps, a dressage saddle pad has to be quite long to cover the entire area of the saddle. On the other hand, jumping or all-purpose saddles are smaller and require shorter, curved saddle pads that follow the outline of the saddle.


What size saddle pad do I need?

Both our dressage and jumping saddle pads come in a smaller Pony and bigger Full size. Check out our handy size guide with measurements to find the perfect size in our saddle pads for your horse.