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How to Choose the Right Fit of Breeches

Learn the difference between the fit of our different breeches models. Mid-rise, high-waist, or super high-waist – which is the one for you?


Thu 23 Nov - 23

Choosing the right type of breeches is like choosing the right pair of jeans.

When shopping for jeans, there seem to be a hundred models to choose from, which can be confusing. Like, how are we supposed to know what model will suit us the best? For jeans, however, there are lots of great guides to help you decide. But where is the guide for breeches? How do we navigate the jungle of different breeches models?

Well, let us tell you – we got you covered. Mid-rise, high-rise, or super high-rise, no matter what floats your boat, we will guide you through our different models and how to choose the right fit for you.


Performance is the MD breeches that feature a mid-rise waist. Ending right over the hipbone, these breeches offer you a comfortable fit both on and off horseback. With a wide waistband, belt loops, and form-flattering four-way stretch, these will help you perform at the highest level, with unbeatable freedom of movement and comfort.


The most featured waist in our collection, the high-rise, is perfect if you want great support, a comfortable fit, and breeches that stay in place. Gone are the days of constantly pulling up your breeches. Ending above the hip, our high-rise breeches work for all body types, providing a flattering fit without cutting in or creating discomfort. You’ll find the high-rise in Classic, Sport, Compression and Cargo Breeches.

Super High-rise

Is high-rise just not cutting it? Let us introduce you to our super high-rise, found in our iconic Function breeches. The extra high waist provides additional support for both your back and stomach. Worried about the fabric bunching up when in the saddle? Don’t be, our Function breeches follow your body just as well when you’re sitting down as when standing up. Ending below your ribcage, this waist will fit you like a glove whilst offering both extra support and comfort. With a design inspired by training tights, the Function-series takes breeches to new heights. Perfect for your everyday look.

What breeches should I choose if I’m pregnant?

 Looking for some extra support whilst pregnant? We got you! Let us introduce you to Peggy Maternity Function Breeches, our popular Function Breeches with a maternity cut. Designed to expand and fit a growing bump – perfect for equestrians who refuse to give up MD comfort during pregnancy.

Not sure what works for you?

If you got some questions, or want to know more about our breeches, you can always reach out to our customer service team for help!