Equipement pour chien

Ce sont nos meilleurs amis, et ils restent fidèlement à nos côtés. Nous sommes fans des chiens ! Chez MD, nous voulons faire honneur à nos copains à quatre pattes, ceux qui nous redonnent le sourire quand nous avons le moral dans nos chaussettes. Nos colliers de chiens sont déclinés dans des designs luxueux et élégants, et sont parfaitement assortis à nos ceintures. Confection main et broderies exclusives, ton meilleur ami mérite le meilleur de MD !
Finding the right size in our dog gear

Do you want to shop for something from our range of dog gear? Nice! To find the right size in our dog gear, measure around the dog's neck and then add 10 cm to that measurement. So a simple rule is the dog's neck measurement + 10 cm = the right size in our dog collars. If you look at the product pictures of our dog gear you'll find an instructional video on how to measure to get the right size. Our dog gear is also perfectly adapted to the size and neck of the dog. Size 30-45 cm comes in a narrower model, while 50-65 cm comes in a wider model.

Do you have any further questions about our dog gear? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service via chat or mail. We're happy to help you with all questions about our dog gear! Contact our customer service.

Dog gear for a matching outfit

What would life in the stable be without our four-legged friends? Horse people are often dog people, too, right? With our dog gear we want to celebrate all dogs out there - big and small. That's why our dog gear comes in exclusive designs and high-quality materials that match our products for riders! Our dog gear is made from vegetable tanned leather. This tanning method is gentler on the environment than traditional chemical tanning processes. With luxurious embroidery and stylish color combinations our dog gear is a must-have for all dogs and dog lovers. 

Sustainable tips for a sustainable future

We at MD put together a list of tips on how you as a customer can act sustainably when shopping online as well as when using and washing your products. To avoid unnecessary transports and returns we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right size. That's why we have provided clear size and measuring instructions for our dog gear. You can, for example, find an instructional video on how to measure for the right size in our dog gear on each product's site. We are also more than happy to help you with size questions in our dog gear via our live chat! This way we can avoid unnecessary return shipments altogether. Looking for more tips on how you as a customer can act sustainably? Check out our Care Guide.