Johanna Lassnack

"The game-changers in my riding career"

Discover the game-changing secrets that shaped Johanna Lassnack’s riding progress. Mental & physical training, communication, and more. Read now!


Wed 31 May - 23

Mental Training:

When I was around 13 years old, I started working on myself mentally, and it's been a game-changer for me. I wish I had started even earlier! Back in the day, I used to be incredibly nervous, had a tough time keeping my cool, couldn't focus, and constantly compared myself to others. Learning to manage my thoughts and body through techniques like breathing exercises has been incredibly significant for me.



Another essential aspect is understanding the value of being well-prepared for competitions. Ensuring both you and your horse are ready for the task ahead prevents any unexpected difficulties during the event. Having a well-coordinated timeline with your team, so everyone knows what to do and when, is crucial. Of course, getting proper sleep and maintaining a good diet are also important. Personally, I've noticed a considerable difference by avoiding excessive sugar or fast carbs the night before and morning of the competition to keep my blood sugar levels stable.



While I don't hit the gym, I do a lot of coordination and balance exercises for riders at home, and it has positively impacted my riding skills.


A Committed Coach:

Having a coach who is committed, attentive, and supportive makes all the difference. I also appreciate it when my coach rides my horses. Simple things like checking in during competitions, asking how it went, and providing feedback mean a lot. Having a coach who believes in me more than I believe in myself has been a massive confidence boost.



One thing that many struggle with but has been crucial for me as a showjumper: Dare to ride faster! Maintain a higher tempo in the course.



Communication is key – with everyone from stable owners to coaches and grooms. Not being vague but expressing how you want things and what you expect from each other. Otherwise, it's so easy to keep things to yourself and go around wishing things were done differently.