Hej, vi tror vi har noget, du vil kunne lide. Vores ridetøj er skabt til at få dig til at føle dig supergodt tilpas i stalden og i sadlen. Med vores firevejs-stretch, åndbare materialer og trendy design bestræber vi os på at give dig ridetøj i særklasse. Vores fleksible materialer tilpasser sig din krop, så du hver dag kan fokusere på at blive en bedre rytter. Du gør det, du bedst kan lide – og MD er med dig hele vejen! 
Riding clothes for girls - adapted to the sport

We at MD have always been challenging traditional riding wear. Thick, stiff materials that limit you? That's a thing of the past! Our riding clothes for girls are designed with the challenges of the sport in mind and allow you to maximize your performance when training and competing. With supple fabrics and four-way stretch, our riding clothes for girls adapt to you and your movements and offer high comfort all day long. Thanks to the lightweight, breathable materials that wick away moisture, our riding clothes for girls are optimized for active days and tough trainings. Find your next go-to favorite in our riding clothes for girls!

Maya x Community

Our riding clothes for girls feature innovative designs and neutral color schemes, so you can easily mix and match your favorites. We at MD love to see how you choose to style your riding clothes for girls! So feel free to tag us on social media when you're wearing our riding clothes for girls. It's so inspiring to see the looks you put together, we just can't get enough! Where would we be without our incredible community?

Try riding clothes for girls in our booths

We're so happy that you've found our riding clothes for girls! Have you seen that we visit fairs and shows around the world? Yes that's right, let us introduce you to Maya on tour! One of the best things about traveling to events and shows is meeting you, our incredible community. Stop by our booth and chat for a while or why not try on our riding clothes for girls? In our calendar you can find the dates for our upcoming events. Who knows, maybe we'll show up at a show near you? Here, you can find our event calendar.

Be inspired by our riding clothes for girls

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