Daisy Pearson

Center Line Jumping

"Here is an exercise that I like to use in my training. It may seem easy at first, but it is actually harder than you think to get perfect. This exercise is suitable for all types of horses."


Thu 15 Jun - 23

This is how you do it

To start, place three small obstacles, around 40-50 cm, with 17.5 meters between them, on the center line. 

Then, start riding the jumps with five canter strides between them. Depending on the horse you are riding, the distance to the last obstacle may need to be shortened if the horse gets a little hot. 

The goal is for the horse to stay relaxed and straight between and after all jumps, and for the canter strides to be a little big. When you manage to complete it in five strides, reduce it to four and continue to keep the horse straight and relaxed all the way. 

Don't forget to alternate between right and left canter to identify your horse's strengths and weaknesses. 

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