Maya Delorez


Madelene about launching a pre-loved concept. Pre-Loved means products that are not new and/or have been owned before.


Thu 23 Mar - 23

Around the world, lots of perfectly good clothes go to waste for no good reason. We want fully functional clothes to be worn, not thrown away – and that is why we are now launching a brand new concept on the website. It’s high time to introduce Maya Delorez Pre-Loved!

Founder and CEO Madelene is the initiator of the concept and in this article, she’s answering some questions on the subject. Keep on reading to find out what Pre-Loved is all about.


What is Maya Delorez Pre-Loved?

It’s a concept on our website where we are selling products that are still totally usable but either have minor design flaws, cosmetic defects, or have already been worn. All products have in common that they are fully functional, they just can’t be sold at full price on our website for various reasons. For instance, the products may have been used during photo shoots, have minor cosmetic or printing defects, are customer returns or discontinued products from older collections.

Maya Delorez Pre-Loved keeps Maya Delorez pieces in circulation, extending their lifecycle and helping to reduce waste. Win win win, right? 


How come you decided to take action and launch it?

It’s no secret that the clothing industry and increased consumption are contributing to the detrimental climate change we are seeing today on a global scale. As a company, we are responsible for taking sensible action to prevent negative environmental impact and to contribute to the positive change we need and want to see. 

We’ve been around for some time now, and we have lots of products that for various reasons cannot be sold at full price on the website as a part of the regular assortment. Shopping second hand is great for countless reasons, and we know there's a huge interest among our community. Pre-Loved had to happen!


“Not launching a pre-loved concept was simply no longer justifiable.”


Is it possible for customers to sell used Maya Delorez products through the Pre-Loved concept?

For the time being, the only products we’re selling through our Pre-Loved program are products that have left our regular collections due to minor design flaws or cosmetic defects. We may also sell customer returns through our Pre-Loved program that can’t be sold in our regular collections anymore, but at the moment it is not possible to send in products that you want to sell second hand. 

However, it is our ambition for the future! By actively working with durable and resistant materials and neutral colors, our products are designed to last for a long time. Even though we are always exploring our signature concept, we strive to design timeless staples that live beyond seasons. Making it possible for customers to sell second-hand through our Pre-Loved program is an obvious next step to us.