New MD Team Rider

Mira Müller-Steinmann

Say hello to Mira, the latest member of the MD Team Rider fam! 👋

If you were to describe yourself for someone who doesn’t know – who is Mira Müller-Steinmann?
“I am a dressage rider from Kiel in northern Germany, which is about an hour away from Denmark. Apart from dressage, I also do a lot more with my horses and always try to give them a good balance between training and work. We do some free-work for example, especially with Samba but I’m planning to do it with my younger horses as well. I would love to do more show jumping, but I don’t have the right horse for that at the moment. “

“I’m living for my horses and I do everything for them. That’s my passion”

What is your favorite thing about working with horses?
“I love that all horses are different from each other and have their own personalities. To see the process as they develop and learn really motivates me. Horses are the kindest animals if you ask me, and I’m thankful everyday for the possibility of having my hobby as my profession.”

You have 3 horses of your own at the moment, right? It’s Samba, Küstengold and Dino. Where do you envision everything going with them? What is your top riding goal at the moment?
“My biggest priority is that they are always healthy and motivated. With Samba, I would love to do an Intermediaire test next year, and one last time the U25 National championships since I am turning 25, so it is the last time for me. 

Küstengold starts his career as a riding horse next year and I’m very excited about that! Dino is my newest team member and for him I do not have a lot of plans yet. We are still getting to know each other, so maybe we can start to compete together next year.”

Apart from keep doing all the amazing things you’re already doing with your horses, dog and social media – do you have anything exciting planned going forward??  
“Apart from my social media and horses, I want to finish my studies in economics. Then I will have even more time for my horses.”

Fun! If our community wants to follow you and your journey, where can you be found? 
“I would say that I am most active on Instagram, where I go by the username @MIRAAAMS. But I also have a podcast called Stabletainment that can be found on Spotify and Apple.”

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