3 year anniversary



Our 3rd anniversary is in full swing and to keep the celebrations going, we have chosen to highlight and give some extra love to 3 of our most iconic products over the years. These products have achieved cult status both with us who work at Maya Delorez – but of course also among our customers around the world.

Can you guess which 3 products we’re talking about? Scroll down to find out!


To start, we have our loyal Luna Function Breeches. Luna has been around since Maya Delorez was founded in 2018 and she’s been an absolute favorite ever since. But what’s so special about the Function series that Luna is a part of? We’d definitely say it’s the almost addictive comfort! If you’ve tried them, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Luna is as comfortable and flexible as a pair of training tights – but also offers the features you want from a pair of breeches. Thanks to its stylish and clean design, Luna can be matched with most things in your wardrobe. Which is lucky, because you’ll want to wear these breeches every day!


Our Ariana Hoodie, like our Luna, has been with us since the beginning. It’s actually one of our first hoodies, and despite being with us for a long time, Ariana is still one of our best-selling products! With its stylish and detail-rich design combined with the stretchy sports fabric, this is the ultimate hoodie for all occasions – whether you’re at the stable or at home.

Are you looking for an all-round training hoodie for yourself or someone else? Your search is over, Ariana is the answer!


Unlike Ariana and Luna, Admira has not been part of our product range for very long. As a matter of fact, we launched our Compression series just a few months ago. But WOW(!), what an impact Admira has had in this short time! Never before has a pair of breeches been in such high demand, and we fully understand why they’re so popular.

Our Compression breeches are something out of the ordinary, and Admira’s stylish design in a perfect shade of black with luxurious details… Well, that’s a recipe for sure-fire success, isn’t it!?


When only three iconic products were to be chosen, the choice fell on these

  • Luna Function Breeches
  • Ariana Hoodie
  • Admira Compression Breeches

But it was far from easy to choose just three – for us, all our products are iconic in their own way.

Were there any of the products that you liked a little extra? Take the opportunity to treat yourself with one or more iconic Maya Delorez products during our anniversary celebration! ♡

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